Dog Training Lessons

The obedience training course consists of 7 lessons in which the trainer comes to your home and trains you and your dog in your home and in your neighborhood.  At home consultations are also available.

Some of the commands most often included in obedience training are:

Heel, Sit, Automatic Sit, Stay, Down, Come, “Leave it”, “Thank You”, “Watch me”.

These commands help lay down a good foundation for a new puppy, as well as assist in helping dogs that are exhibiting behavior problems such as house soiling, pulling on the leash, jumping on visitors, stealing food or objects, rowdy behavior towards members of the household and even shy dogs that need some confidence building.

Dog Training Prices:

$560 for the 7 Lesson Obedience Training Course Locally

Travel Fees Apply outside of the travel area.

(Payment plans are available.)

If you have a young puppy or a dog with behavior problems than a consultation may be a good option for you. The puppy consultations are intended to help new puppy parents learn how to get their puppy off to great start. Behavior consultations assist owners with dogs who are exhibiting behavior issues, and a how best to help the dog will be determined after this visit.

Puppy or behavior consultations

$50 per consultation